Print Size & Cropping: When ordering a picture, if you want the entire image to be printed, you need to make sure that the ratio of height to width is the same for the paper and for the image.    To do this, instead of selecting a print size from the list of Featured Products, click on the View All Product… button below the Featured Products.  At the top of the list should be products identified as the Best Fit.  They shouldn't need any cropping of the image.

Since most of our pictures are taken at a 2:3 ratio, Best Fit will offer sizes that match that ratio, e.g. 4x6, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, and 16x24.

If you just want a 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, or some other print size that isn't listed in the Best Fit section, you will need to crop the image.  You can do this after selecting the paper type and quantity when you click on the Configure button.  The webpage that comes up will let you size the picture with the slider on the left and you can move the image around by clicking on it and dragging. Clicking the Center button above the image will simply center it while the Fit button will size it so that the entire image will fit.

NOTE: Group shots such as unit and dorm pictures will normally need to be printed at Best Fit on 8x12 and, if printed at 8x10, will have blank space at the top and bottom.


Options:  Lustre Coating is a coating applied to the print that makes it much more resistance to UV light which causes fading.  It also helps protect the print from dust and fingerprints and makes it more of glossy print.


Frame or Mounting: ​There are a variety of different frames and mounting options available if you don't want to order a plain print.